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Dough Molder Machine

Model Capacity Voltage Power Size Net Weight
HMK-380L 1000-3000 pcs/h ~220/380V 0.75 kw 580*1340*1100 mm 225 kg

The dough molder is a professional toast making machine. It can sufficiently stretch the dough by using a top and bottom pressure roller, then rolling the cylinder after removing any air bubbles.

Baguette Molder

Model Capacity Voltage Power Size Net Weight
HMK-750 50-1250 pcs/h 220/380V 1.0 kw 980*1010*1580 mm 285 kg

Features of baguette molder:
The baguette molder is a professional baguette making machine with a large work range and simple operation.

Dumpling Molder Machine

HL-80 4800 PCS/H 220V 2.2 KW 760*420*730mm 110 kg
HL-100 6000 PCS/H 220V 2.2 KW 900*470*1100mm 150 kg
HL-120 7200 PCS/H 220V 3.0 KW 990*470*1150mm 160 kg

Features of dumpling molder:
1. The dumpling molder is a multifunctional piece of equipment, as it can produce different foods just by changing the grinding apparatus.

2. The thickness and stuffing quantity can be adjusted.

3. The machine rack is made of stainless steel for an easier operation, easy cleaning and labor saving performance.

Steamed Stuffed Bun Molder Machine

HL-300 3000PCS/H Single 220V 2.7 KW 1400*730*1730mm 320 kg
HL-300B 3000 PCS/H Double 220V 2.8 KW 1400*730*1730mm 340 kg

Features of steamed stuffed bun molder:
1. The steamed stuffed bun molder can produce products in just a single operation, all with the same appearance and size.

2. The feeding quantity, stuffing and thickness of the dough is adjustable.

3.This molder has a compact structure, easy operation and easy assembly/disassembly.

Glue Pudding Molder Machine

Model Capacity Sweet rice ball weight Voltage Power Size
VFD-2300-7000 2400-5200 pcs/h 6-35g/6-80g/60-120g 220/380V 2.2 kw 1300*1600*900 mm

Features of glue pudding molder:
1. The glue pudding molder uses a friction free round disc model, so that the products produced are complete and uniform in size.

2. During the dough and stuffing feeding process, the speed and quantity can be freely controlled by the computer.

3. It is made of superior stainless steel so that it has beautiful appearance, strong structure and easy operation and cleaning.

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