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Bakery Equipment

    1. Gas Deck Oven
    2. Gas Deck OvenHonglian gas deck ovens are outstanding multipurpose baking machines. Simply connect the oven to a gas line and you can immediately begin cooking delicious foods for your customers. There are many kinds of gas deck ovens that can be outfitted with mechanical or digital control panels.
    1. Electric Deck Oven
    2. Electric Deck OvenHonglian electric deck ovens are high efficiency multi-level ovens with automatic temperature control devices installed in order to maintain uniform heating and creating the best possible baking environment.
    1. Rotating Rack Oven
    2. Rotating Rack OvenThe rotating rack oven or rotisserie, is one of Honglian's hot air bakery ovens and is used in the production of various breads, cakes, biscuits, and many other baked goods. The oven can also be used for roasting chicken, duck, and other meats.
    1. Bakery Convection Oven
    2. Bakery Convection OvenThe fan of this bakery convection oven adopts forced hot air circulation so that the heat distributes evenly. The temperature of top and bottom of the furnace are controlled separately in order to provide best roasting temperature and condition.
    1. Tunnel Bakery Oven
    2. The tunnel bakery oven is large-scale equipment which can provide continuous baking and be matched with the production line. It has high production efficiency and it is labor saving. The burners for top and bottom heating can be controlled separately. It can realize variable speed drive and stepless speed regulating according to the roasting time of different products.
    1. Deck Oven Dough Proofer Combo
    2. Deck Oven Dough Proofer ComboThe upper side of the deck oven dough proofer combo is used for baking while the lower chamber is used for lower temperature dough proofing. This allows for optimal dough processing and baking, optimizing efficiency.
    1. Convection Oven Dough Proofer Combo
    2. Convection Oven Dough Proofer ComboIt has unique design of internal structure which can provide powerful hot air circulation so that the heat distributes evenly. The temperature of top and bottom of the furnace are controlled separately in order to provide best roasting temperature and condition.
    1. Convection Oven Deck Oven Dough Proofer Combo
    2. Convection Oven Deck Oven Dough Proofer ComboThe upper side of the convection oven deck oven dough proofer combo is a storage cabinet and a convection oven, the middle part of it is a luxurious electric deck oven and the lower part is a dough proofer combo so this machine is practical and flexible.
    1. Deck Commercial Pizza Oven
    2. Deck Commercial Pizza OvenThe deck commercial pizza oven adopts intelligent temperature control and stone plate platform to achieve uniform heating performance. This pizza oven is made of superior stainless steel plate so that it is solid and durable.
    1. Conveyor Commercial Pizza Oven
    2. Conveyor Commercial Pizza OvenBoth the top and bottom part of the convection conveyor commercial pizza oven can spray hot air so that the surface of the food can absorb the heat more easily. The temperature of the oven is more uniform and precise. The temperature error is within ±3℃.
    1. Pizza Cone Making Machine
    2. Pizza Cone Making MachineThe temperature of this series machine can be adjusted with precision. The operation is quite simple. So it can ensure that the ice-cream cones and pizza can be produced with consistency.
    1. Dough Proofer
    2. Dough ProoferHonglian has more than 20 years of experience in professional baking. Due to the outstanding proofing performance, our products have become popular with a number of clients, ranging from schools to bakeries and factories.
    1. Refrigerated Dough Proofing Cabinet
    2. Refrigerated Dough Proofing CabinetThe refrigerated dough proofing cabinet uses a micro-computer temperature controller, which separately controls both the temperature and humidity. This cabinet also uses an environmentally friendly foaming technique, matched with the refrigerated proofing system.
    1. Spiral Dough Mixer
    2. Spiral Dough MixerThe spiral dough mixer uses a head up design that allows the dough barrel to detach for easy cleaning and operation. The dough barrel is equipped with a safety cover. When the cover is open, the mixer will stop automatically and immediately. When the protection cover is not installed, the mixer will not start, thus ensuring safe operation.
    1. Horizontal Dough Mixer
    2. Horizontal Dough MixerThe horizontal dough mixer uses a copper turbine reducer as the replacement for traditional speed reducers that are easily damaged. This mixer achieves automatic discharging. The parts of the mixer that come into direct contact with the flour or food material are made a specially treated stainless steel that meets national sanitation standards.
    1. Bakery Planetary Mixer
    2. The bakery planetary mixer uses a gear assembly with a compact structure. Operation is stable, reliable and highly efficient. There are three optional speeds and several optional mixers. The accessories that come into direct contact with the food are made of stainless steel in order to meet national sanitation standards.
    1. Tunnel Bakery Oven
    2. The dough sheeter uses a triangular belt for transmission. It features a compact structure, stable operation, low noise and high working efficiency. The parts that come into direct contact with food are made of a special stainless steel that meets national sanitation standards. This steel is also easy to clean.
    1. Dough Divider
    2. It achieves a single dividing and rounding process every 15 seconds, ensuring a high efficiency. The dividing effect can be freely set: standard options are 30 pieces of dough, though customized options include 36, 26 and 10 pieces of dough.
    1. Dough Moulder
    2. The steamed stuffed bun molder can produce products in just a single operation, all with the same appearance and size. The feeding quantity, stuffing and thickness of the dough is adjustable. This molder has a compact structure, easy operation and easy assembly/disassembly.
    1. Bread Slicing Machine
    2. The adjustable slicing guide of the bread slicing machine is suitable for slicing of breads with different length. The blades are sharp so that the bread sliced by it is uniform and beautiful. It adopts superior electric motor with large torque, low noise, high efficiency and stable running.

One of Honglian's primary product lines is made up of a wide selection of bakery equipment. We produce deck ovens, bakery ovens, rack ovens, and pizza ovens. The use of these ovens range from small bakeries and restaurants, to commercial food plants.

Honglian offers a wide range of commercial food processing equipment with custom design service. Here as a bakery equipment manufacturer and supplier, we are offering kitchen and restaurant equipment, such as bakery ovens, food frying machine and commercial roasting equipment. From design, manufacture to quality control, our company offers top priority baking equipment and customized food machinery upon request.

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