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Dough Sheeter Machine

Model YM300 YM350 YM500
Capacity 70-140 kg/h 80-160 kg/h 115-230 kg/h
Exterior Dimension 540×430×900 mm 590×430×900 mm 740×430×900 mm
Roll Range 0-25 mm 0-25 mm 0-25 mm
Voltage 220V 220/380V 220/380V
Power 2 kw 2 kw 2.2 kw
Net Weight 130 kg 150 kg 170 kg

Model: HG-110
Dough Thickness: 1-18 mm
Press Diameter: Φ113mm
Roller Length: 250 mm
Roller speed: 132 rpm
Size: 800×900×1300 mm
Voltage: 220V
Power: 2.2 kw
Net Weight: 100 kg

Model: YMZD-350
Size: 1035*650*1065 mm
Roller range: 5-25mm
Roller speed: 74 rpm
Voltage: ~220/3N~380V
Power: 2.3 kw
Net Weight: 240 kg

Model: YMZD-500
Size: 1130*755*1240 mm
Roller range: 5-25mm
Roller speed: 79 rpm
Voltage: ~220/3N~380V
Power: 3 kw
Net Weight: 300 kg

1. The dough sheeter uses a triangular belt for transmission. It features a compact structure, stable operation, low noise and high working efficiency.

2. The parts that come into direct contact with food are made of a special stainless steel that meets national sanitation standards. This steel is also easy to clean.

Dough Sheeter (Table type)

Model: SP-400
Size: 1900×800×700 mm
Roller Width: 400 mm
Voltage: ~220V
Power: 0.4 kw
Conveyor Belt Length: 1700mm
Net Weight: 110 kg

Dough Sheeter (Vertical type)

Model: SP-500
Size: 2750×960×1230 mm
Roller Width: 520 mm
Roller Diameter: 88mm
Voltage: ~220/380V
Power: 0.75/1.1 kw
Conveyor Belt Length: 2200mm
Net Weight: 240 kg

1. The dough sheeter uses high quality steel, with a specially treated pressure roller to be stick and scratch resistant.
2. The pressure roller and scraper are professionally designed so that it can produce dough that is uniform and up to 1mm thick.
3. This sheeter uses a folding structure to save space, and is easy to carry.

Pizza dough sheeter

Model: APD-30
Size: 495×490×640
Pizza diameter: 30 cm
Dough weight: 50-500 g
Voltage: 220V
Power: 0.37 kw
Net Weight: 37 kg

Model: APD-40
Size: 540×550×650
Pizza diameter: 40 cm
Dough weight: 50-500 g
Voltage: 220V
Power: 0.37 kw
Net Weight: 39 kg

Features of pizza dough sheeter:
1. The pizza dough sheeter is suitable for making pizza, tortillas and other flat bread products.
2. It uses stainless steel that is easy to clean.
3. The roll shaft is made of safe, food grade resin.
4. The thickness of the dough processed can be from 0.5-5.5mm.
5. The roll shaft is covered with a transparent cap, making operation safer.
6. The sheeter has an automatic over-temperature protection device for the motor, thus achieving safer operation.

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