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Customization process:
1) Customers provide their product requirements;
2) Honglian provides rough parameters and quotations;
3) Reach an agreement and customers pay a deposit;
4) Honglian provides the blue print and parameters;
5) Customers confirm the design;
6) Production;
7) Notify customers to carry out product inspection when the production is finished;
8) Products pass the inspection of customers;
9) Customers pay the balance;
10) Honglian arranges shipment

If needed, Honglian can arrange engineers to carry out paid installation and debugging on site.

1. This Moroccan customer required a couscous drying machine.
The customer wanted to dry couscous, and because of the small size of couscous, the machine is equipped with a conveyor belt with tiny spacing and a withdrawable tray at the bottom for collecting scattered products. The outlet is specially equipped with a funnel which can collect the dried couscous before it is sent to the next step of the production line.

2. This client needed a rotating oven for pizza baking. The pizza would be fully baked after one rotation, and then the customers could pick remove the finished pizza. Our client provided us a blue print in order to show us their expected effect. The machine designed by our engineers perfectly met the customer requirements.

3. Our customer has his own cart so that he hopes that his cart can be used in the dough proofing cabinet. The cabinet we designed perfectly matched his cart and was put to use with ease.

4. The top of the duck roaster oven was decorated with pictures designed by our customer, so that this machine is more personalized and attractive.

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