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Food Marinating Machine

The food marinating machine is used for food marinating and coating for extra flavor.


Panel: Manual
Size: 995*445*860 mm
Power: 0.2 kw
Voltage: 220V
Net Weight: 59 kg

Panel: Digital
Size: 920*690*960 mm
Power: 0.38 kw
Voltage: 220V
Net Weight: 59 kg

1. The food marinating machine utilizes a micro-computer control system. It also features an excellent sealing performance, ensuring the marinating process is completed quickly. It also takes up very little floor space.
2. This machine uses a thickened stainless steel that has been treated to ensure its corrosion resistance.
3. The rotation speed is uniform, thus achieving a uniform marinating performance.
4. The roller is equipped with a sealing rubber strip and four wheels to ensure easy movement.

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