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Hot Air Bakery Oven

    1. Rotating Rack Oven
    2. Rotating Rack OvenThe rotating rack oven or rotisserie, is one of Honglian's hot air bakery ovens and is used in the production of various breads, cakes, biscuits, and many other baked goods. The oven can also be used for roasting chicken, duck, and other meats.
    1. Bakery Convection Oven
    2. Bakery Convection OvenThe fan of this bakery convection oven adopts forced hot air circulation so that the heat distributes evenly. The temperature of top and bottom of the furnace are controlled separately in order to provide best roasting temperature and condition.

Honglian hot air bakery ovens are suitable for the production of various baked goods, such as breads and cakes, as well as for roasting chicken, duck, and other food items. Honglian's primary specialty is the production of ovens. We have more than 20 years of production experience culminating in products with high quality and reliability.

Honglian offers a wide range of commercial food processing equipment with custom design service. Here as a hot air bakery oven manufacturer and supplier, we are offering kitchen and restaurant equipment, such as bakery ovens, food frying machine and commercial roasting equipment. From design, manufacture to quality control, our company offers top priority bakery oven and customized food machinery upon request.

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