Pizza Cone Making Machine

Parameters of conveyor commercial pizza oven:
Model Number of cones Cone dimension Machine dimension Voltage Power Weight
PS-2A 2 13*5.5 cm 38*48*100cm 220V 1.6 kw 40 kg
PS-3A 3 13*5.5 cm 53*35*98cm 220V 2 kw 40 kg
PS-4A 4 13*5.5 cm 53*35*98cm 220V 2.6 kw 40 kg

1. The pizza cone making machine adopts stainless steel shell so that it has simple and elegant appearance. It is also easy to clean.
2. The temperature of this series machine can be adjusted with precision. The operation is quite simple. So it can ensure that the ice-cream cones and pizza can be produced with consistency.
3. It can produce several ice-cream cones, pizzas and other baked goods at the same time. So it is the most ideal machine for pizza cone production.

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